In the upcoming months we will be carrying out major upgrades to our existing hardware and services to offer vast service improvements and increased security. These upgrades will affect all of our customers who use our services for their emails or web hosting as you will need, at some stage, to make some changes to your login information.

We are planning a seamless transfer to the new servers and are not expecting any disruption: your services will be duplicated across live servers before any changes will need to be made. We will be contacting every customer ensuring you are aware of the changeover and that your services are fully operational before asking you to change any necessary login information.

Please note that we will not ask for any of your details, such as current usernames, passwords or any other information regarding your account as we already have records of these.

Please find below a list of services we provide, with a brief description of the upgrade and any changes:

Firewall :
Our main security firewall will be upgraded, offering additional protection against outside intrusions with automatic detection and increased prevention of attacks.

For email accounts, we will require some changes to be made to your email account settings within your email client software; however you will be fully aware of this beforehand and our engineers will be on hand to assist with any changes you need to make.
Web Hosting:
PHP/MySQL – We are currently running PHP version 5.2.16 and will be upgrading to the latest stable version 5.3.10. MySQL will also be upgraded to the latest stable version.

PHP Legacy Server – As we have previously pre-warned these customers, PHP4 is no longer supported or updated. Our web development team will be contacting these customers directly to discuss their options.

Customers on our resellers server, with access to a control panel allowing them to create and amend email and hosting accounts, will not require to make any changes at all and your login details will remain the same. We will inform you when the upgrade has taken place.

Domain Names – Those with domain names that are not registered through Net Communications but point to our servers for emails or hosting will need to update their records. You will be notified prior to any changes and our engineers will assist you with updating your nameservers or domain pointing.

ADSL broadband – Our business grade ADSL packages from £16.99 with fixed IP addresses will not be affected by the upgrades.

Should you have any concerns or questions regarding the upgrades or how you may be affected please send an email to support@netcom.co.uk; otherwise we will contact you in due course.

Kind regards,

Net Communications